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Next Intergroup Meeting:
Monday, February 5th at 6.30 PM.
Christ Lutheran Church, 2011 Brandon Ave S, Roanoke


The Steering Committee met on Monday, January 15th to discuss the vacancy that will be left in the Intergroup Office once Alex leaves at the end of this week. We have some volunteers who have agreed to step up and serve one day a week in the office on a short-term basis but more volunteers are needed.

For a working operations model going forward, the steering committee has made a commitment to do what’s best for the alcoholic looking for help, the groups, and the office itself. We agreed to pursue a model going forward that combines both volunteer staff and a paid, office employee. Please talk with your groups, sponsors, sponsees, and anyone that you think would be good serving at the Intergroup office in any capacity. IS IT YOU THAT WOULD BE WILLING TO SERVE?

Please contact Steve via email or by phone if you are willing to serve. The office will do its best to remain open and fully functional in the coming weeks! If the office needs to be closed for a day over the next couple of weeks for any reason, we will send out a message via email and make sure that there is a sign on the office door. As always, the 24-hour phone service we provide will remain uninterrupted.

I look forward to all of us discussing this topic further at our next business meeting on February 5th.

Roanoke Valley Intergroup
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Pass it On Meeting Change
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New Meeting
Happy Destiny Group
Mondays 7 – 8 PM
Mt. Regis Center 125 Knotbreak Rd.
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Vinton New Sunday Night Meeting Format
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Intergroup Office Sales:
A new Pair of Glasses, $6.50 (4 in stock)
Not God – A history of AA $13.00 – only 1 left.
Voices of Women in AA, $13,50 – only 1 left
Drop the Rock, $10.00 – only one left

Grateful for Another Year of Sobriety? You can show your gratitude by contributing to the Birthday Club for the Intergroup Office.  Suggested donation is $1 per  year of sobriety.  No contribution is too small.  You can mail or drop off your donation at the Intergroup Office.  Birthday Plan Announcement

The Roanoke Valley Intergroup is in need of volunteers to carry the message to service meetings in the valley.  Contact the Intergroup Office if your AA Group is available to volunteer on Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday nights.  “To keep it, you have to give it away.”

Phone Service Volunteers Needed.  Please join us in this rewarding and vital service to the still suffering alcoholic.  Call to sign up or for training, today.  540-343-6857
Phone Volunteers

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